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Davinder Hart Art

Limited edition Print - "Spirits in the wind"

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  • Very smooth surface
  • High quality 100% cotton rag
  • High colour consistency with crisp matte finish
  • Available in two sizes - A4/A3

Framing options: glass frame as displayed.

Please note: Make sure you measure your walls before purchasing!   

Story - A very common thread of Aboriginal culture and its history is acknowledging the spiritual aspect of the past and present. As Aboriginal people we always pay our respects to our ancestors and those who walked before us. One way we connect to our old people is through the winds. We can feel them when they are present and use it to communicate with each other. 

Design- In this design you will see the wavy dotted lines moving on the artwork, they represent the old people flying through the winds as a way of us connecting back to them and Mother Earth.

Warning:  All images of artwork are protected by the Copyright Act 1968, no artwork is to be used/reproduced without consulting the artist. Thank you.

Painting package includes-

  • Artist bio
  • The full story