What sizes are available?

Any size of your choice!

I can customize a painting size to best suit that blank space on your wall, I can have it framed on stretcher bars to make it easier for you to display or you may have it non framed so you can frame it however you’d like once received.

All artworks are priced based on size! With postage calculated based on your location.

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What sizes are your round canvas?













30cm with float frame

Can I choose a design already done?

Most definitely, it’s a very common request!

Select a design you’d like from any already completed paintings (Previous private custom commissions not included). Choose any custom size whether it’s a round or rectangular canvas, framed (Stretcher bars) or non-framed (Flat canvas) Flat canvas is the most cost effective due to shipping costs for framed canvases being a lot higher.

Can I create my own painting (One of a kind)


Many clients have gone the extra mile and had their artworks specifically tailored to their taste by choosing their own colour palette and unique story to translate onto canvas using traditional symbols with a contemporary twist. It may be a daunting task but with years of experience we’ve made it a surprisingly easy process by keeping communications clear and asking the right questions. Please reach contact@davinderhartart.com.au For your enquiries.

Why did you become an artist?

For many reasons!

For my grandmother who was part of the stolen generation.

To share the stories of Mother Earth, Our creator Biami and our ancestors. I grew up with no cultural knowledge until at the age of eighteen I discovered my culture and I spent time learning stories and developing my craft until I was able to do it fulltime passing on what our old people did for over 60,000+ years.

Healing my spirit daily through creative painting.

Bringing positivity through to the wider community.

For my family and onto the next generation.

Feeding my creative juices that riddle my mind every hour.

Learning operations of business.

Independence and confidence building.

Don’t be shy?

If you have a question that we’ve not covered please feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to answer anything you may want to ask.

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