I've worked with many clients looking to decorate their homes & workplaces with authentic Aboriginal artwork. You may be after a simple recreation of my previous artworks or looking for something that stands out from the crowd. Either way I got you! Ask as many questions as you need to find your perfect fit!

Your painting design can match your buisness colour scheme, interiors and include a story that represent the history of your space.

Share your story!

All communications for quotes and enquiries are via email please davinderhartart@gmail.com

Select your canvas size:

Option 1 - Already framed canvas.

Option 2 - Flat canvas (Non framed) For those who want more framing options.

Option 3 - Framed round canvas. (Most popular).

Once selected size, Select your colours:

Select your own unique colour palette. We'll discuss what colours you'd like going back and forth till your happy with exact colours via email.

Select your story:

You may select the same story as the original painting or create your own. Creating your own story may include, a family tree, a special event, relationship/friendship connection, and travels. (I'll discuss with you more in depths about your choice of story and how to translate onto canvas).

- Please note I cannot recreate an EXACT custom commission as its only for that particular individual.

Confirm order and completion:

Before I start I'll require a 50% deposit down to place your order within our waiting list, once deposits are made your spot is secured. When the painting is finished, you'll be notified, and the remaining is to be paid on completion before shipping. 

  • Sharing Knowledge - 1m x 1m

    A client of mine reached out for a custom commission to gift her doctor. In this design it is paying respects to him and his knowledge as a doctor and thanking him.

  • Family Tree - 180cm x 60cm

    A family custom piece reflecting family members overseas and the native wildlife and landscapes in their area.

  • Spirits in the wind - 120cm x 90cm

    A lady contacted me who had saw a recent artwork of mine but was unable to buy as it sold, she then asked for a recreation of the same artwork.

  • Family connections - 100cm Round

    This custom 100cm round canvas was designed to depict a client and his wife coming together with their two children and dancing in their home. Also the journey of how they met and paying respects to the local mob of the area they live on.

  • Sharing Knowledge - 60cm Round

    This 60cm round artwork was a recreated original but her selection of colour palette, switching to her favourite colours with different aqua blue shades.

  • Sharing Knowledge - 90cm Round

    A client had unfortunately missed out on purchasing this artwork so it was commissioned to recreate it but on a larger scale. I have many different round canvas sizes available.

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