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Davinder Hart Art

Limited edition Print - "Sharing Knowledge"

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  • Very smooth surface
  • High quality 100% cotton rag
  • High colour consistency with crisp matte finish
  • Available in two sizes - A4/A3

Framing options: glass frame as displayed.

Please note: Make sure you measure your walls before purchasing!   

Story - The story behind this painting reflects the rich history of first nations people of Australia. Aboriginal mobs around the country would have many different old stories about the environment, landscapes, stars in the night sky and the flora and fauna and how they came to be. Many stories of those stories could run across the country and connect mobs from complete opposite ends of Australia. With connection to country and mobs united sharing knowledge has become a staple in the foundation of Aboriginal culture and lore with over 80+ thousand of years worth of knowledge passed down.

Design - The circles represents the different mobs who would come together to share/trade bush tuckers, stories, dances, medicines, artifacts/tools. The mobs coming together could include neighboring tribes or tribes traveling from thousands of kilometers away.

Warning:  All images of artwork are protected by the Copyright Act 1968, no artwork is to be used/reproduced without consulting the artist. Thank you.

Painting package includes-

  • Artist bio
  • The full story