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Davinder Hart Art

"Power of Mother Earth" 30cm x 40cm

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  • Flat canvas (Non framed)
  • Painted area diameter 30cm x 40cm 
  • Painted area + framing diameter area 40cm x 50cm
  • Painted with high quality professional artist acrylic medium paint
  • 11oz High quality strong dense canvas

Framing options: stretched on wooden bar frame or glass frame as displayed. 

Please note: Make sure you measure your walls before purchasing!   

Story -  Mother Earth is our provider and give us everything we need to survive, our old people teach us to only take what they need from her to help create balance in the eco systems around the country. Burn offs for land management and keeping waterways fresh for drinking. Our elders remind us to look after her because if we don't look after her she wont look after us. Sustainability was key and the reason why Aboriginal people survived for 80+thousand years. 

Design - In the design you'll find a circle which represents mother earth and the different food sources growing. The circle can also represent a smoking ceremony as well, the circle is the fire and the wavy lines shooting off is the smoke of the eucalyptus leaves.

Painting package includes-

  • Artist bio
  • The full story
  • Signed and dated on the back of canvas
  • Official DHA Certificate of Authenticity provided

Warning:  All images of artwork are protected by the Copyright Act 1968, no artwork is to be used/reproduced without consulting the artist. Thank you.