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Davinder Hart Art

"Meeting Place" 197cm x 97cm

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Please note: Make sure you measure your walls before purchasing!

This painting is display frame only, does not include with artwork.   

Story - Meeting places held great significances as they were places were mobs from all over the country or neighboring tribes would come together. Either as a destination point or a known location to rest or sort conflicts before continuing.

Design- In the design you'll see the large circles which represent the different meeting places and the wavy lines are the pathways they took to get there.

Painting package includes- 

  • Artist bio
  • The full story.
  • Signed and dated on the back of canvas.
  • Official DHA Certificate of Authenticity provided.

Warning:  All images of artwork are protected by the Copyright Act 1968, no artwork is to be used/reproduced without consulting the artist. Thank you.