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Davinder Hart Art

Ceramic mug - "MFA"

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Tittle: Mother Earth, Father Biami, Ancestors
  • Ceramic mug
  • 325 ml 
  • Diameter (L) 11.5cm (W) 11.5 (H) 10cm

Story -  In Aboriginal culture there were 250 Indigenous languages spoken and large to small mobs around Australia were tightly knitted through the connection of storytelling. Different mobs had different dreaming's but shared the importance of story, behind each story laid the ethics, morals and values. From the artist perspective his uncles taught him about the stories that belonged to that particular area/s. Mother earth, Father Biami and the old ancestors. 

Design: There are three circles that are connected to each other. The circles represent Mother earth, the creator Biami and the old ancestors.