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Davinder Hart Art

DHA x Terraforme Handmade Vase

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This one-of-a-kind handmade vase was carefully designed by talented Joanna Vaughan at Terraforme and hand painted by artist Davinder Hart.

A beautiful collaboration with a mutual view and respect for natures beauty both crafts were fused together to create this unique vase.

A perfect fit for holding Mother Earth flowers in a coral inspired and shaped vase.

Painted story title: "Meeting place".

Story - Meeting places held great significances as they were places were mobs from all over the country or neighboring tribes would come together. Either as a destination point or a known location to rest or sort conflicts before continuing traveling.

Design- In the design you'll see the large circles which represent the different meeting places and the wavy lines are the pathways they took to get there.

  • Diameter (L) 20cm (W) 18cm (H) 24cm