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Davinder Hart Art

"Connection to Country" 95cm x 189cm

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  • Canvas display on framed - Frame not included. (If you'd like with the frame please contact the artist via email for more information before purchasing)
  • Painted with professional artist acrylic medium paint
  • 12oz (380gsm) High quality strong dense canvas

Story - This story is about the artist Davinder Hart and his cultural connection to the land and the water, inspired by creeks and waterways he takes time to sit by them very often to reflect on the environment, the different water animals that live or come to visit the area and how his old people had to look after it to maintain the circle of life.

Design- In this design you'll see the water flooding throughout the canvas, this was inspired by sitting along sit a well-known creek in the Far North reigon of Queensland "Davies Creek". The white faded circles that are submerged in the background are the old spirits from that area, they are there to teach and to protect that area. 

Painting package includes-

  • Artist bio
  • The full story
  • Signed and dated on the back of canvas.
  • Official DHA Certificate of Authenticity provided.

Warning:  All images of artwork are protected by the Copyright Act 1968, no artwork is to be used/reproduced without consulting the artist. Thank you.